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Yoga introduction course | 4 weeks - Yogaplace Maastricht

Intro to yoga

This course is for those who have never practiced yoga and for those interested in learning more about the foundations of yoga. The aim of the course is to explore the basic principles of the yoga poses (Asanas) and to establish a well-founded practice suited to practitioners' individual abilities and needs. You do not have to be flexible or strong in order to start yoga since practiced the right way flexibility and strength will be observable effects that come over time. Scientific evidence shows that yoga can contribute to increased health and well-being. If practiced with the right mindset, the body becomes healthier and the mind more peaceful. 

Focusing on uniting the internal principles with movement and breath, this course will make you more confident to join other yoga classes. 


July 06 19:00-20:15hrs:

  • Connecting with our body trough the breath.
  • Building up: Sun salutations.

July 13 19:00-20:15hrs:

  •  Developing mind body awareness: How to listen to my body needs during the asana practice
  • Building up: Standing fundamental positions. 

July 20 19:00-20:15hrs:

  • Developing mind/body awareness: How to practice safely when joining a yoga class.
  • Building up: Therapeutic sitting poses.

July 27 19:00-20:15hrs:

  • Process of Yoga in the Mind: How to connect what happens in the mat with my daily life
  •  Putting poses together.


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Keep in mind that due to the corona measures we are not allowed to lend out yoga mats. It is necessary for this course to have your own yoga mat.
Do you not have your own yoga mat? Then we would be happy to supply you one. The course costs € 90 including your new yoga mat.